Did You Know? 9 New York Times Crossword Puzzle Facts You Never Knew!

There are a number of reasons why the New York Times Crossword puzzles are always the best and most competitive ones you will find across the web. They are not just tricky and interesting, but also enlightening, especially when you learn new words and understand the clues to the crossword answers. However, apart from their mind bending puzzles being interesting and difficult, there are some interesting facts that not many crossword puzzle solvers are aware of. So, if you are a true follower of the NYT crossword puzzles, here are some interesting facts that will surely bring make your day.

1. Before 1942, the Newspaper had a different view for the crossword puzzles. Back then, crosswords puzzles were called “a primitive form of mental exercise” by the newspaper’s editor. However, they decided to publish the puzzle game in their daily during the Second World War, to keep the mind’s of its readers away from the heavier events such as the bombing of Pearl Harbour and blackout drills.

2. Every year, there are almost 20 errors in the NYT crosswords. With almost 417 crosswords published in an year, with each crossword having 50 clues, the number ratio of errors seems pretty decent. However, it is always fun to find an error yourself.

3. The NYT crossword puzzles have a huge fan following which includes ex-president Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart, Beverly Sills, Kitty Carllisle Hart, Norman Mailer, and more.

4. Bill Clinton apart from being a fan of the New York Times Crossword Puzzles, is also known to have collaborated with them in 2007. He wrote the clues to the crossword that was specially constructed for him. Will Shortz, the editor of the paper said that the clues and the answers to the crossword were funny and edited only a little.

5. Will Shortz who has been the Crossword editor for the newspaper since 1993, doesn’t really write all the crosswords by himself. He however, edits them all by himself. The puzzles are mainly written by a intellectual team of freelancing writers. It is believed that there is huge team of almost 500 puzzle writers who construct the high quality New York Times crossword and clues.

6. According sources, Will Shortz’s all time favourite puzzle clue is : “It might turn into a different story”. And the answer to this mind bender is: SpiralStaircase

7. Another interesting yet unknown facto about the puzzle is that you can rotate the crossword to 180 degrees and still the position of the black and white squares will stay the same.

8. Since the inception of NYT crossword puzzles in 1942, there have been only 4 crossword editors, namely: Margaret Farrar (the first editor ), Will Weng (1969 to 1977), Eugene Maleska (until 1993) and lastly Will Shortz (since 1993 to date)

9. A NYT Crossword follower, Bob Khan constructed a puzzle with clues to propose his crossword loving girlfriend. The answers to the clues were: “BillG” (the first name and Last name Initial); “WillYouMarryMe” and lastly “AModestProposal”. Well, the proposal went well and his girlfriend said yes. They have the completed puzzled hanging as a picture on their wall.

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