Are You Aware Of The Different Crosswords And Their Clue Types?

Solving crosswords is always interesting, apart from being a challenge to your vocabulary and mind! The fun gets doubled when you solve different crosswords and rack your brain to understand the cryptic clues. Today, let’s have a detailed look at the three different types of crossword styles and some tips to understand the crossword clue types.

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  1. Crossword US Style: A well known grid style crossword game that features in the New York Times without any Hanging letters, Crossword US is one of the best crosswords to enjoy. each letter in the grid has two clues, Down and Across. And, they are inter-connected. These clue styles can either be Simple or Double. Thus, due to the grid pattern, you tend to get smaller words that are unusual or not frequently used.

  1. Crossword: This is similar to the Crossword US style, except for just one difference, it uses Hanging letters. This style of crossword is widely seen in the UK newspaper crosswords. This pattern of crossword also allows us to use interesting words that intersect with each other. The words used are not at all tricky.

  1. Cryptic Crosswords: The cryptic crosswords are the most difficult style of crosswords which also includes Hanging letters, but the clues provided are most challenging. The cryptic clues include a straight clue along with a cryptic clue, both in the same clue. They mainly help the crossword solver to be more confident about their answer.

Understanding the Crossword Clue Types

If you thought that solving crosswords was too simple, you are either an amateur or a professional. In order to solve the crossword puzzles right, you need to have a good knowledge about crossword clues and their types.

  • Simple Clues:

They are very easy and not quite interesting.

Clue: Feline pet (3)

Ans: CAT

  • Double Clues

A little more complicated than the simple clues. They are two ideas used to hide the answer.

Clue: Driving Through A Watery Road (4)


  • Anagrams

Anagrams are clues that allow you to rearrange the letters to help you find the answer to the clue. Words like ‘broken’, ‘confused’, ‘arranged’, etc. are used to give you a hint about the anagram clue.

Clue: Arrange a trunk call to the panel (8)


  • Cryptic Clues

Cryptic clues are usually a play of words with double meaning involved.

Clue: Cost of not Sitting (8,6)

Ans: Standing Charge

  • Sound Clues

Sound clues are mainly phrases that we hear or sounds like the words. The answer to the clues is mainly found when you try to listen how the word sounds.

Clue: King has no successor, we hear (4)

Ans: BALD (no heir=no hair)

  • Crossword Jargon

Anagram words such as ‘muddled’, ‘confused’ or ‘broken’ are the basic hints of an anagram clue. However, there are another form of jargons. Numbers are usually related to Roman equivalents. For instance, X=10, L=50, D=500, etc.

Abbreviations are mostly common such as, ‘soft(ly)’ = ‘p’ based on the music term piano. Also, similarly the word ‘strong(ly)’ = ‘f’

  • Hidden Words

Hidden clues are mainly letters of a word that build up to form the answer.

Clue: ‘I See Eager Soldiers Implement a New Formation’ (8)

Ans: Regiment

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